Monday, November 5, 2007

Why I'm going with Orcs

Well, I've decided my team of five Shammies will be Orcs. And there are three reasons...

1. Blood Fury

This Racial ability is considered by most players to be an additional "Trinket". Why? Because there are a series of trinkets in WoW that essentially do the same thing. When you use them, you get a DPS buff that lasts 10-20secs, and then the trinket is on "cooldown" for 2-3mins before you can use it again.

In the past Blood Fury would only give you a Melee damage buff for 15 seconds, AND a 50% Healing DEBUFF for 25 seconds. In 25 seconds, I can loose a toon in PvP without good healing, so that would of been bad. Let alone the fact the DPS buff only effected Melee, which is something you just won't be doing with Elemental Shammies.

But Blood Fury has changed. It now offers +Spell Damage in addition to it's Melee buff, (282ish at level 70) and the debuff only lasts as long as the buff does now. (15 secs) This makes Blood Fury much more valuable to me as a PvP Elemental Shammie.

2. Carebearing
There is an excellent thread over at about Carebearing, which is the act of powerleveling lower level toons with a single level 70. (AKA Twinking) Folks have successfully used a single level 70 to power level 4 low level alts at a time. Their numbers are staggering. Enough so, that I'm considering it.

The problem then becomes my accounts. If I'm using a level 70 on my main account, that means I can never twink the shammie on that account. So I could powerlevel 4 toons, but the 5th would be left behind.

This process only really works up to level 45ish. I just so happen to have a level 47 Orc Shammie named Pugh. I've always wanted to get back to him, and this seemed like the perfect excuse. So I'll make 4 new shammies on my new accounts, use my 7o warrior to twink them up to the 40s, then drop Pugh in (with a paid name change) to start pushing them as a group to 70.

3. RP
Yes, I'm a role-player. I don't do it often, but I find I enjoy the game way more when I have a story behind my character. My 5 shammies are going to be an elite group formed by Thrall, quested with the goal of spreading Shamanism throughout the Horde. Can you tell I just finished reading "Rise of the Horde"? :)

I'll be talking about my equipment setup in my next post.

Till then... FOR HORDE!


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