Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Ask the Twenty Totems: Some basics

Beyond the comments, you'd be surprised how many emails I get. Many are still waiting for me to have time to respond. I assure you, I'll get to them all.

I was answering one this afternoon and realized I was creating useful content for a single person, when instead I could post my replies here for all to enjoy, absorb and shoot down (when I'm completely wrong).

So here we go. Our first letter is from Goodie.



I play a dwarf rogue on Nordrassil, and have gotten quite bored with the game, and I'm looking into multiboxing, and I was wondering about a few things.

Sure! Wasup?

Question one: is it possible to multibox without buying more than one computer? As in, having one screen open, and being able to click the buttons on one WoW character, and have the same abilities activated on the minimized window. (not sure if thats clear, if it isn't, please tell me and I'll try to not get so jumbled)

You sure can. As a matter of fact, I run 5 accounts on 3 machines. On the two machines that each run two accounts at once, I could simply minimize one as you suggest, or better yet, use a program called Maximizer, which allows me to split my screen in two, and have one copy running on the top half of my screen, and another on the bottom. There's more info at just search the forums there.

Question two: is it possible to multibox with two different types of character, I was thinking shaman and paladin.

Multiboxing is just sending key presses to multiple copies of WoW. It doesn't care what toons you use, which class etc. However, you only really control the movements of your main toon, while the rest follow. That means that while your main can be a melee class (like your Pally), your "drones" need to be ranged DPS/Healing to work well. A Tankadin/Elemental Shaman group is actually pretty common. (if you're a coward of course... DPS4LIFE!)

Question three: if the first two are possible, is it possible to do them on my macbook? (no, I am not a gamer, and so I don not have a gaming computer)

On a what now? :) While I don't game on a Mac, I'm actually a huge Apple fan. However, I don't know exactly what programs are available to you on Mac. I know you can use Synergy, but I don't know about broadcasting your keystrokes to WoW. Maybe someone can answer this in the comments this week.

If not, just type "Mac" into the forums over at and you're sure to find the answers there.

Thanks for your help,

Hey... I'm here for you. Just you. And well... the other person that reads my blog. /yell HI MOM!


80 Totems: The position is filled

Well, I have to be honest... I was overwhelmed by the response to my last post. I asked for other multiboxers to submit an application to me, if they'd like to level up 5 Shaman with the Twenty Totems tag.

After going through each and every PM, I narrowed it down to two players who seemed to be a good fit for our little Shaman project.

Twenty Totems now has 20 Shaman! When I checked this morning, the three other groups were at level 20/23/28ish. That's amazing. We'll have an army of lvl70 Shaman in no time! :)

I'm hoping to get a screenshot with everyone this Saturday, at which time I'll post it here, and introduce each group. Check back Saturday!