Thursday, December 6, 2007

Ding! (33) and some fun in Orgrimmar

Hate Mail is something every boxer has to live with. PvP is of course the most obvious source, as no one likes to be killed by another player with NO hope of winning. But we also get /reported all the time, assumed to be gold farmers, assumed to be cheating etc., but it's something you live with.

It's worth it, for those moments when someone says "COOL! How are you doing that?"

Over on my favorite forums, someone recently suggested a solution to some of the bashing we take... show off. He said he found that when he strolled into Org/IF and started to do formations, buffs, etc., that he made a ton of friends. So when folks started bashing him in /general, there were always several folks who would step in to explain what he was doing, and defend him!

I took this to heart last night, while hearthing into Org to get some training. A group of players (all from the same guild) all came running to see what was up. I had just hit 33, so I had equiped my guys in their Robes and sweet shoulder pads from Doan in SM. Wow, what a visual!

I noticed them all staring, and one suddenly said in /say "This is the coolest thing I've ever seen."

I decided to put on a show... I pulled my guys out of the inn, got into formation, buffed myself with lightning shields, and dropped 15 Totems on the ground (I still have to go get their wind totem. They LOVED it.

Folks from all over Org came running, and it turned into a huge dancefest. Everyone was really nice. Several had questions, which I answered in /say for all to read, and it couldn't of gone any better.

I've used this "PR" tactic with my guild, For Horde. When we were still young, I forced all of our raiders to start each raid in Orgrimmar in a huge circle of 40 mounted players, then yelled out "FOR HORDE! THRALL HAS ASKED US TO TAKE THE MOLTEN CORE FOR THE GLORY OF THE HORDE!" They would all scream back, and we'd head out to our raid. Every time we got a flood of tells asking about our guild, and how they could apply.

This just might work for Twenty Totems. I plan to put on a play each time I head back for training, in hopes of building a healty reputation with my server. (it helps that I'm Boom... Most people know me and my guild, and think highly of us.)

I'll let you know how it goes...

Now to think up some cool macros for these "plays". Maybe a single button script that goes through a funny dialog between the 5!


Laying Waste...

I know I started carebearing... then felt I was missing out, so I started questing with all five Shammies, including my 46... but something happend when I got to the Salt Flats. I took 6-8 new quests, and every dang one of them were collection quests. (ok maybe not every one, but close!)

When a quest tells you to collect 10 Boar Bawls, that really means you need to collect 50. And if there were 50 Boars in the same area, and they dropped their Bawls every time, this wouldn't be bad at all... but that's never the case.

Sometimes you're lucky to have 10 mobs to kill, before you have to wait for respawn. And even then, sometimes only 2 of those 10 will drop their Bawls. This makes collection quests an incredible pain for Boxers.

So I decided to log out of my 46, get Boom back (a well geared 70 Fury Warrior) and take my boys (at 28) into Razorfen Downs. The loot was cool (high 30s stuff), the layout was quick and fun, and most importantly, the XP was flowing.

Before I knew it, my boys were 32. CHAIN LIGHTNING TIME!

I read some more about carebearing, and I think I have a good leveling schedule. I'll stay in RFD until 36... then off the the SM till 43... then Zul'Farrak! Soon after that, my 4 lowbies will catch up with my 46 Shaman, and I'll start questing again. (along with some challenging instances)

I'm still really digging this. I was worried I would never make it to 20, and now I'm 32. I'm on my way.