Thursday, December 6, 2007

Laying Waste...

I know I started carebearing... then felt I was missing out, so I started questing with all five Shammies, including my 46... but something happend when I got to the Salt Flats. I took 6-8 new quests, and every dang one of them were collection quests. (ok maybe not every one, but close!)

When a quest tells you to collect 10 Boar Bawls, that really means you need to collect 50. And if there were 50 Boars in the same area, and they dropped their Bawls every time, this wouldn't be bad at all... but that's never the case.

Sometimes you're lucky to have 10 mobs to kill, before you have to wait for respawn. And even then, sometimes only 2 of those 10 will drop their Bawls. This makes collection quests an incredible pain for Boxers.

So I decided to log out of my 46, get Boom back (a well geared 70 Fury Warrior) and take my boys (at 28) into Razorfen Downs. The loot was cool (high 30s stuff), the layout was quick and fun, and most importantly, the XP was flowing.

Before I knew it, my boys were 32. CHAIN LIGHTNING TIME!

I read some more about carebearing, and I think I have a good leveling schedule. I'll stay in RFD until 36... then off the the SM till 43... then Zul'Farrak! Soon after that, my 4 lowbies will catch up with my 46 Shaman, and I'll start questing again. (along with some challenging instances)

I'm still really digging this. I was worried I would never make it to 20, and now I'm 32. I'm on my way.


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