Sunday, November 18, 2007

Ding! (20)

The boys just wanted to show off the new guild tabard, and of course, celebrate hitting 20!

Twenty Totems meets Thrall

As I've mentioned before, I do love to Role-play. I enjoy setting a story behind the characters I play, and the Twenty Totems would be no different. I just finished reading Rise of the Horde, by Christie Golden. And excellent story about the downfall of the Orcs, as told by a "present day" Thrall. It's entertaining, and inspiring.

The book does an excellent job of conveying Thrall's regret for the choices his people made, even before he was born. It also shows the true "spirit" behind both Shamanism, and the terrible Warlocks they became. These days, Warlocks are kept around out of nessesity, while Thrall's true wish would be that every Orc would seek the ways of the Shaman. So there's my story.

The Twenty Totems are an elite group of young Shaman, who were trained in the Shamanistic Arts by Thrall himself. They were put together, and charged by Thrall to be an inspiration to the Orc race. A group the Orcish children could aspire to be. Heros.

In the tradition of Orcish Brotherhood, Thrall didn't want any member of Twenty Totems to stand out, so he gave them new names, all very similar. (heh)

Anyways, tonight I finally created their guild, (Twenty Totems of course), and celebrated by taking a moment to meet Thrall. It was good fun, and I drew a small crowd in the process.

Another player had just turned in the Outland quest that causes Thrall to animate, walking down from his thrown and kneeling. I used the opportunity to get this excellent screenshot of Thrall Kneeling before the Twenty Totems. We kneeled back of course. :)

We then followed Thrall up to his throne to recieve our orders, then headed out to spread the Shamanistic Arts.

It feels official now that we're wearing our guild tag. So far this multiboxing thing has been incredibly fun. I just can't wait to get them to 45, where they'll join the 5th Shaman, and we'll finally be a pvp team.



Never Five-Box PvP in the Teens... Ever.

I read in the forums over at dual-boxing, that multibox pvp'ing in the Teens was "tough". They were setting me up for a terrible joke.

I took the 4 kids into WSG last night, lead by Popular, my 19 Rogue. While setting up my buttons, several players found me on the side of building, and started asking questions. Eventually they asked to bring their 19s in with us, and I gladly agreed. They knew I was only going in to try things out.

As everyone who has ever pvp'd in their teens know, the teens are an anomoly in this game. You see, due to enchanting, it's possible to improve your health and DPS by over double what's expected at that level. And it's done every day specifically for PvP. It's called Twinking. You spend an enormous amount of gold to improve your low level toon. The results? One shot pvp. Good fun, but I'm not about to twink out 5 toons.

What does this mean? Well, imagine at 70, heading into a WSG with Tier 4 gear. Then finding everyone on the opposite team has Tier 9. Imagine opponents with TWICE your health, and weapons that can one shot you. Not fun.

So it was as I entered WSG. These days, every Battle Group has a large Twinking community, so the majority of the Alliance Team was twinked. Even when I did get a Quad-Lightening Bolt off, it would maybe take off 20-30% of their health. And by the time I finished channeling a second one, three of my guys were dead.

So after one terrible WSG, I thanked my new friends, and headed back to the grind.