Sunday, November 18, 2007

Never Five-Box PvP in the Teens... Ever.

I read in the forums over at dual-boxing, that multibox pvp'ing in the Teens was "tough". They were setting me up for a terrible joke.

I took the 4 kids into WSG last night, lead by Popular, my 19 Rogue. While setting up my buttons, several players found me on the side of building, and started asking questions. Eventually they asked to bring their 19s in with us, and I gladly agreed. They knew I was only going in to try things out.

As everyone who has ever pvp'd in their teens know, the teens are an anomoly in this game. You see, due to enchanting, it's possible to improve your health and DPS by over double what's expected at that level. And it's done every day specifically for PvP. It's called Twinking. You spend an enormous amount of gold to improve your low level toon. The results? One shot pvp. Good fun, but I'm not about to twink out 5 toons.

What does this mean? Well, imagine at 70, heading into a WSG with Tier 4 gear. Then finding everyone on the opposite team has Tier 9. Imagine opponents with TWICE your health, and weapons that can one shot you. Not fun.

So it was as I entered WSG. These days, every Battle Group has a large Twinking community, so the majority of the Alliance Team was twinked. Even when I did get a Quad-Lightening Bolt off, it would maybe take off 20-30% of their health. And by the time I finished channeling a second one, three of my guys were dead.

So after one terrible WSG, I thanked my new friends, and headed back to the grind.


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