Friday, November 16, 2007

Ding! (16)

I finally found some time to pop on and run a few instances with the boys. Now that Patch 2.3 has been released, there are all kinds of new goodies to go hunting for while we grind.

My first clues to the new found fun, were the green quality robes my boys were wearing from RFC, Robe of Evocation . Before the patch, they were green, and had +3 Stamina, + 4 Intelligence. Seeing as there is very little in the way of "leather" spell items, cloth will have to do for now.

When I logged on this time, the robes were now Blue quality, and were upgraded to +4 Stamina, +5 Intelligence, and +5 Spell Critical Strike Rating ! WOOT! Just what I need for pvp. Only 3 of my boys had the robe, so I made a couple more runs through till I got a fourth. Everyone was happy after that. So I decided to move on.

On to Shadowfang Keep

My boys followed Boom to their first Zepplin ride, and we headed to Shadowfang Keep. Once again, the loot has seen a serious upgrade. Every boss drops a blue. I even happend across a Rare Spawn (Deathsworn Captain) who dropped Boom a very rare sword for his collection! (Haunting Blade)

I made three complete runs, and I'm going to continue them until each of my boys ends up with a Robes of Arugal, Belt of Arugal, Feline Mantle and a Commander's Crest.

Then it's on to Deadmines.

There is one other item I'd like to get around this level, but it's only found in the Stockades, (Kam's Walking Stick) which as most of you know, is located in the middle of Stormwind. Last I checked Folks in Stormwind don't take kindly to folks like us Hordies. Wondering if it will be worth dragging 4 sub level 20s through Stormwind. That can't be fun.


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