Monday, November 12, 2007

Missing out.

Well, it was a great weekend. I had a great series of birthday celebrations, spent time on a trip with the GF, and landed Guitar Hero 3. (I therefore, Rock.)

I managed to sneak in an hour here, and an hour there with the Twenty Totems. As planned, I pushed them to level 8 on their own (gaining them access to Rage Fire Chasm) then promptly retired Thunduh, who I made on my "main" account. I replaced him with Boom, my level 70 warrior, and headed in to RFC to start the Carebear process. It worked exactly as advertised.

I would drag the 4 orcs behind Boom, while I decimated everything in sight. The XP was simply rediculous. A full run through the place took me around 15min, and would give them each over half a level. Before I knew it, they were all level 12. I ran them to a trainer just to grab Ancestral Spirit, which allows me to revive anyone I might lose when Boom missess a mob.

When I got there, I was a bit taken back by the sight of a full box of abilities available to my Shammies. I didn't even think about that fact that I had skipped training since level 6, in the name of power leveling. I suddenly had a pile of abilities, and I wasn't even going to set them up. I don't use them. My Shaman simply follow a meat cutter through a cave.

This got me thinking. Am I missing out on an important part of the 5 boxing experience? Should I be struggling to get through RFC with only my 5 Shaman, and slowly learning how to do it? How to use their spells?

My plan still, is to Carebear these 4 up to the 40s, where they will eventually join Pugh, my 46 Shaman Orc. Pugh will be renamed to join the group, and from then on out, I'll be running with 5 equal leveled toons. I just guess that once I get them there, I'll have to spend alot of time learning all the abilities they get from level 6-46.

So what about pvping in the teens? Twenties, etc?

Well, if I continue this course, and skip these brackets all together, I've decided I'll make a set of 5 mages, and level them the old fashion way (if multiboxing is old fashion) and pvp with them in the teens. But my main goal remains, to play in the Arenas with my 5 Shaman. So I'll gladly take any route that will get me there quicker.


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