Friday, April 4, 2008

BIG BADDA DING! Multiboxing to 70

"Come on Boom! UPDATE THE BLOG you pompous jerk!" Fine... :P

First off, I apologize for my unexplained absence. In the last few weeks my life has been turned upside down. First, let me get this out of the way.

I'm getting married.

wait for it....

in 29 days.

My girlfriend and I had discussed getting married this October, but a whole bunch of things happened that made a May 3rd wedding not only possible, but enormously beneficial. (biggest reason being I love this girl to death and can't live another day without her by my side.)

SO... the consequence of that has been that my free time has been cut down to an hour each morning. And with 2.4 going live, I've been all too willing to spend that time in game, instead of writing about it. But the good news is, I've been taking notes. (And screenshots!)

So lets get caught up for a moment, shall we?
  1. I went to the Caverns of Time and successfully reunited Thrall with his lady friend many times.
  2. I figured out how to master the crazy fights in Sethekk Halls and farmed the heck out of it to prepare for the Rep/PvP gear in 2.4
  3. DING! The boys are 70!
  4. I saved questing until 70 so I could make enough money for 5k worth of flying mounts. It took one afternoon of questing to get the boys in the air! -->
  5. I killed the first two "fake" bosses and the first "real" boss in The Mechanar the first time I went in.
  6. I COMPLETED Botanica on my first try, in insanely crappy gear.
  7. I created a test 5v5 Arena team for fun, and to farm even a few Arena points. Today I'm 5-33. LOL! But it's been fun as hell even losing.
  8. 2.4 hit... I wooted. (excuse me)
  9. The Rep/PvP gear is fabulous, and if you mix the sets you DO get a double dose of +35 Resilience, bringing each Shaman to something like 194 Resilience all together. Not a bad start.
  10. The Shattered Sun Offensive quests are a blast, but my immediate goal is no longer to get the blue Spell Mace from SSO rep. Why? Cause the new AV ROCKS. The Horde are winning again in the Ruin Battlegroup, and the honor is fantastic. So now my goal is to get about 18k more honor (a few days work) then grab myself a Gladiator's Gavel, slap the Spell Damage enchant on it, and boost my Spell Damage by nearly 200 over what I'm at now.
  11. I decided I wanted to do my own enchants, so I raided my guild bank LOADED with mats, and burst up to 365 enchanting in one sitting.
  12. I found a talented healer with a neglected level 63 Pally, who dedicated himself getting to 70 JUST to do Arenas as my dedicated healer. Today he's 69, and we've gotten his rep up on 3 of the 5 factions he needs for his Baby Gladiator Gear.
  13. Did I mentioned I'm getting married? WOOT!
So there ya go. That's where I've been the last 3 weeks. And now that most of the (panicked) wedding plans have been put into motion, I'll have time to get this blog back up to date, and share with you the amazing things I've discovered while multiboxing at 70!

I'll have more details up about each thing I just mentioned asap. Stay tuned!


PS. I love you Jenny. Thanks for loving me back, despite my crazy hobbies. :)