Thursday, April 17, 2008

Twenty Totems Gets a Bit Hotter

I know many multiboxers take up the hobby as a way to separate themselves from other players. It works. Once you get your gear moving, even with 5 shaman there's very little in game I can't do outside of 10+ man instances. Even Heroics.

But I'm not one of those boxers. I love playing with other people. That's probably why you're more likely to find me in a BG or clearing out Goldshire than by myself in an instance somewhere.

It's true I run one of the largest guilds on Argent Dawn ( but because I wanted my boys to wear the tag, I'm rarely in guild chat anymore.

But I've been pretty happy with my setup so far.

This week, a regular, Zaedra, sent me a PM. She's been leveling a 3x Gnome Warlock team (yes yes, I know... Boom's favorite) and just acquired 2 new accounts. Most of her friends are on Alliance, but she shares the same love of AD Horde players as I do.

After a bit of negotiation, I welcomed her 5 new Troll Shamans into Twenty Totems.

Welcome Zaedra!
(and grats on lvl10 btw. That's 10 totems, with 10 more to go!)

Our hopes are that as she levels to 70, we'll be able to attempt even crazier things with 10 Shaman, than what I've been able to accomplish so far with 5.

This got me thinking. What if I welcomed in 2 more players, 5 shaman each. 80 Totems anyone? :) Half of an AV... a full multiboxed AB or EotS. Maybe we could clear Molten Core together. The possibilities are endless.

So here's the deal. If you are a multiboxer, and would like to roll 5 shaman, horde side, on one of the greatest servers this game has to offer, I'd be interested in giving you a home in TT. I only ask that you be 21 or older, have at least a few months of multiboxing under your belt, and come with an understanding that you're gonna get to 70 on your own. I'm not offering you any help. Just a home, and a hell of a cool tag under your shaman's names. (if I may gloat. :)

If you're interested, PM me over at

For now, I'm just glad to have
Zaedra around, and look forward to the possibilities.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Multiboxing Alterac Valley: Earning My Hammers

As any of the Armory trolls can tell you, the Twenty Totems have been running around in some pretty embarrassing gear. Hey, ya gotta start somewhere right? The worst being my weapons. Mainly the boys were still sporting the Azure Lightblade, a healing dagger from a quest in Nagrand of all places. Yes, the stupid thing has only 48 spell damage, and I'd be an Alliance Pally (total idiot) to actually enchant those things. So I didn't.

So when I started PvP this last weekend, I had one goal in mind. 25,200 honor. That, and 20 Eye of the Storm Marks, would finally get me my Gladiator's Gavels. Now THAT'S worth enchanting. :) Speaking of, now that we (as enchanters) can merge 3 small prismatic shards into 1 large, I had just enough mats to enchant all 5 Gavels with Major Spellpower. (for the bean counters, that's about 1500g in enchanting mats based on AD prices. My wallet hurts.)

The 25k honor didn't turn out to be the problem. It was the tokens. I hate EotS. As I've discussed here before, any BG besides AV, due to the number of players, is really rough on multiboxers. But I wanted my maces. I tried two matches, and lost huge, and got screamed at by my own team. (of course) I had to try something different.

I decided it was time to hit the trade channel and ask for pvpers. I got two. Both of whom ended up running MANY rounds with me. I warned them up front that I was running EotS, and that we would be losing today. We never lost once. I'll go into the strategies we discovered in another article, another time.

Not only did I get my maces yesterday, but I also realized each Shaman had about 30 Alterac Valley Tokens IN THE MAIL. That means they each had 100 in their inventory. So I decided it was time to change mounts, and grab one of Thrall's. (Thrall was the War Chief of the Frostwolf Clan... learn2lore noob)

I want to thank the players who jumped in and went pvp'n with the Twenty Totems on Sunday. I have their names written down at home somewhere, and I'll post them when I find them.

They helped me realize that with a little communication, AV doesn't have to be me only source of pvp fun. Heck, maybe I'll sneak back into WSG someday soon...

By the way

The very talented Boylston over at Lightning Overload (one of my favorite multiboxing blogs) wrote up an excellent BG guide for multiboxers. Check it out here. It's worth the read.