Thursday, April 17, 2008

Twenty Totems Gets a Bit Hotter

I know many multiboxers take up the hobby as a way to separate themselves from other players. It works. Once you get your gear moving, even with 5 shaman there's very little in game I can't do outside of 10+ man instances. Even Heroics.

But I'm not one of those boxers. I love playing with other people. That's probably why you're more likely to find me in a BG or clearing out Goldshire than by myself in an instance somewhere.

It's true I run one of the largest guilds on Argent Dawn ( but because I wanted my boys to wear the tag, I'm rarely in guild chat anymore.

But I've been pretty happy with my setup so far.

This week, a regular, Zaedra, sent me a PM. She's been leveling a 3x Gnome Warlock team (yes yes, I know... Boom's favorite) and just acquired 2 new accounts. Most of her friends are on Alliance, but she shares the same love of AD Horde players as I do.

After a bit of negotiation, I welcomed her 5 new Troll Shamans into Twenty Totems.

Welcome Zaedra!
(and grats on lvl10 btw. That's 10 totems, with 10 more to go!)

Our hopes are that as she levels to 70, we'll be able to attempt even crazier things with 10 Shaman, than what I've been able to accomplish so far with 5.

This got me thinking. What if I welcomed in 2 more players, 5 shaman each. 80 Totems anyone? :) Half of an AV... a full multiboxed AB or EotS. Maybe we could clear Molten Core together. The possibilities are endless.

So here's the deal. If you are a multiboxer, and would like to roll 5 shaman, horde side, on one of the greatest servers this game has to offer, I'd be interested in giving you a home in TT. I only ask that you be 21 or older, have at least a few months of multiboxing under your belt, and come with an understanding that you're gonna get to 70 on your own. I'm not offering you any help. Just a home, and a hell of a cool tag under your shaman's names. (if I may gloat. :)

If you're interested, PM me over at

For now, I'm just glad to have
Zaedra around, and look forward to the possibilities.


Shane said...

Boom, If I wasn't in a guild I loved I would be there in a second.

I can't wait to hear/see what you guys get up to.

Daniel said...

For a moment I thought I could roll my shamans on your realm, being a frequent reader of your blog. Then I noticed you are on the US Argent Dawn realm and not the wonderful European Argent Dawn (RP realm).

Keep going, love your style of writing about your experiences with boxing.

Jenny said...

Started a blog, it's a work in progress though :)