Monday, November 5, 2007

Preparing to Box

I love multi boxing. I've finally got all three machines running, and got to level 5 test shammies up to lvl8. There are few things in WoW as satisfying as 1 shotting (with 5 earthshocks mind you) mobs while you are questing. It really is quite fun, and I see myself enjoying this for some time to come.

As previously mentioned, I have two WoW accounts already, and I'm borrowing 3 others while I tried it out. I didn't want to drop the cash on 3 more boxes until I got 5 toons running at once, and decided if it was worth it... ITS WORTH IT. :) at least so far it is.

I have 3 more accounts in the mail, and should arrive by the end of the week. And I just received 4 90-day account cards from a buddy for my birthday, as a way to help me get started in five boxing. I can't wait to get those last 3 accounts and get my team going!

Until they arrive, I still have plenty to do out of game. Five boxing is actually two hobbies in one. First, the obvious, is playing WoW a new and interesting way. The second, is the semantics involved in multi boxing. The hardware, the software, the macros, the timing... it's a game within the game.

I'm currently using an "original" G15 Logitech gaming keyboard. I have 18 macro keys to the left of the board, and three shifts, bringing them to a total of 54 customizable keys. So while I wait for my boxes to arrive, I'll be working on a long term strategy for assigning those keys, and writing my macros based on my recent in game experience.

I also have to decide on my race. I thought I had it figured out, but something else has come up... I'll talk about that next time.


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Jerec said...

I just started reading this blob and getting in multi boxing myself, and would love to trade ideas with you if at all possible. I'm still in the planning stages as I only have 3 accounts at the moment and just got Keyclone a couple days ago myself. I will be working on it this weekend alot though, anyway...I was curios if you could show in your screen shots the macros you use and how you set them up on your machines??