Thursday, November 8, 2007

And so it begins...

I arrived home to find my Amazon box unmolested by my two faithful readers. (thanks for not stealing it off my porch. lol) Rushed inside, and dove right into my Gruul raid. It went quick, and I couldn't be happier. I just wanted to bring my team of Orcs to life!

Here they are. The Twenty Totems.

Holy cow was it fun. It took a while to get buttons setup, and I haven't developed any macros yet, besides the standard /assist and /quest stuff. I use mods designed for multiboxing that assign a "leader" to the group, so when the leader says /followme everyone with the mod follows.

I ran around doing the starting area quests, and of course got several players who didn't want to say anything, but just followed me around for a while.

I finally stopped at midnight (I have to leave for work at 6:45am every morning) and parked the team in the nearest in to start building up sleep. :) As much as it kills me, I won't be able to play with them for a few days. My birthday is tomorrow, so there's a family party, then my girlfriend is taking me away for two days. (She won't tell me where we're going just yet.) So I won't be able to really sit down with the Orcs until Sunday. /ugh

But the point is, I've done it. I took the leap. I have five WoW accounts of my own, an excellent setup, a great community of Boxers to guide me, and a ton of fun ahead.

For Horde!


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