Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Patch 2.3.2 Goes Live

Yesterday, the Public Test Realm was closed. And today, Patch 2.3.2 goes live on US servers!

The only real changes for Shaman are to our elemental shields. Here's how the patch notes look:

  • Lightning Shield mana cost reduced.
  • Water Shield now restores mana periodically regardless of how many charges remain. Duration increased to 10 minutes.

The Water Shield change is the most significant to us Shammieboxers. But before we get to the changes, lets review it's history.

There are two ranks of Water Shield, one found at level 62, and the second at 69. For the same of comparison, we'll be only discussing the full blown, rank 2 at level 70. (the returned mana would increase with level.)

In the beginning, it was a 10min shield, that held 3 charges. Each time you got hit, you got some mana. Woot. Mind you, at the time it cost mana to cast.

Shortly after that, it was upgraded. You would get nearly 200mana when hit, and it only lasted a minute. If at the end of the minute, you had any charges left, they each paid off at once. (ie if you never got hit, and the shield expired, you'd instantly get 600+ mana.) Bliz looked at what it had done and said, "This is mediocre."

The bonus to mana was a welcomed change, but the need to refresh this shield every 60 seconds was quite frankly, rediculous. So in 2.3.2, we're getting a buff again, and I think they finally got it right.

In the new version, we now get a buff that grants 50mp5 simply by having the shield up. PLUS, we still get 200 mana when we're hit, up to 3 times. PLUS, now the shield lasts 10 mins! So now, it becomes a 10 minute blessing that continues to make it easier for Shaman to maintain mana levels.

The only thing that sucks about all this... my boys are still 14 levels away from it. :)


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