Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Don't worry Princess, I'll kill you!

Zul'Farrak was fun. It was quick. Some of the lewts was good. But I figured I could do better. So I packed up the boys, and worked our way to Maraudon.

Maraudon was actually the first instance to be added to WoW after release. It came in patch 1.2. (12/18/04... good lord we've been playing this game a long time.) I remember the release. At the time, I was hardly high enough level to go there, but I remember watching some of the hardcore players post the gear they got from it.

Maraudon was a fairly creative design. As you can see in the map, it's broken up into 3 major sections. The Orange Zone, the Purple Zone and Lower Maraudon. Both Orange and Purple are on the same level, each has it's own entrance, and they eventually meet as you head toward the Earth Song Falls. After completing a quest, you can obtain The Scepter of Celebras, which allows you to warp from the entrance, directly to the falls, and essentially start at the half way point.

When I went in, I was still 45, and I took Boom. The mobs were still easily dispatched, and the xp was wonderful. The gear was fantastic, as most of it required level 48, so it was something to look forward to.

I've been trying to loot most mobs, if anything, for DE material and enough cash to train these 4 financial black holes. Ever since I started that, I've found 3... THREE world drop Epics. This blows my mind quite frankly. The first, the Fiery War Axe was actually a great find, and gave me 200g towards the lvl40 mounts. The next two, The Ring of Saviors and the Icemail Jerkin you see here, are worthless. But fun finds none-the-less.

By this point, my boys are actually putting out some real damage. So I found myself contributing to boss fights, and even some mob pulls instead of just watching Boom beat them down. This is turned out to be really fun, and gave me a peek into what's next... instancing with all 5 Shaman.

The bosses all dropped really quick, and I was able to complete three different quests, including Corruption of Earth and Seed, which gave each of my boys their Resurgence Rod. The regen stats are fantastic for PvE and PvP both. That, and they look pimp, which is by far the most important thing.

I found myself actually enjoying the grind through. The bosses are fun, but so are the mobs. I started having some hilarious flash backs to the first time I came in here. I was with a group of low levels (my friends) and one guy who was a high level warrior (think 52ish) who was essentially twinking us through. Anyone else remember the giant slug butt that constantly gave birth to more slugs? :)

We eventually got all the way to the end of the entrance, and were granted audience with the Princess.

About the Princess... um... HOTNESS!

I almost couldn't kill her. My boys found themselves in a trance as they watched this thing of beauty strut her stuff. (Those hips... Those Thighs... They've got me Hypnotized) Despite her obvious beauty, she's actually quite the pain for a normal group at a normal level. She has this ridiculous ground stomp that sends your group bouncing backwards, and if you're not careful, over the falls. But Boom slapped her around pretty soundly, and loot was had by all. (well, it was had by one, but that doesn't sound as cool.)

Maraudon is such a beautiful instance, that it's almost relaxing to run. Everything is bright, pretty and huge in scale. This makes for some plesent grinding. But the XP almost came too fast... Before I knew it, I was 46. That's good right? Well, sure. But that also means all 5 of my Shaman are the same level. I had to face the fact that Boom was going to have to step out. It was time for the Twenty Totems to unite like a green, magical Voltron, and take on the world.

Hey, this means we get to try PvPing again! WOOT!



Bouncer said...

well done so far :)

keep on posting!

Boom said...

Thanks for the encouragement Bouncer. I actually have the rest of this week already finished. Tomorrow I have a write up about my first trip back into multibox pvp since the fiasco at lvl19. :) Come back tomorrow!