Friday, January 25, 2008

Questing Rules All

I was right. Because of the ToW effect, I can easily down even elites that are many levels above my boys. So the magic turned out to be finding quests that were many levels above us. That wasn't hard. I did a few in Winterspring, but ended up spending most of my time in Western and Eastern Plaguelands.

Quests were completed before I even knew I had them. The "Cauldron" quest series was awesome. They took less than 10 mins each, including travel time, and payed out 14k+ xp. At one point, the boys were averaging over 80k xp per hour. It was great.

Eventually I found myself with the quest everyone tucks away, and never gets around to... Araj's Scarab. The reason this gets dropped, is because after doing a long series of level 55-57 quests in Andorhal, you're faced with taking down a level 61 Elite, (Araj the Summoner) who happens to be surrounded by an army of level 60s who pull in huge groups. So you skip it.

We didn't.

As you can see in the banner pic, we took Araj down without any health loss. The key to that of course, is the fact that Araj only attacks with spells, which means everything he throws at us, ends up in a Grounding Totem. :) Good lord I love Shaman. We were even able to take down all of the 60s around us, and we were all level 55 (well Thunduh was 56) at the time. It was great fun, and enormous amounts of xp.

I'm actually surprised to be enjoying questing so much. I fully expected to be in instances this whole time. Guess I was just spoiled by the carebear runs with Boom. But this is actually pretty fun. As a side bonus, questing lets you interact with other players too, which is incredibly fun! (on my server at least)

Before I knew it.. the boys were 58. Wait... FIFTY EIGHT! We all know what that means. It's time to hit the Portal.

But I'm not ready to just rush in and get to 70. I have a stop along the way. That stop is Alterac Valley. There are two AV brackets, 51-60 and 61-70. I plan to play in the first bracket, until I can afford two specific Honor Rewards. And I plan to do it in TBC gear, tweaked to the tune of 340+ spell damage. I'll show you how in my next post.


Manifesto said...

Ooh nice, really looking forward to seeing some AV pvp! Any chance of a fraps video?
I always loved AV at 60 as Ele, I can only imagine it'll be 5 times as fun for you!

Boom said...

Manifesto, that's absolutely the plan. I own a copy of FRAPS, and I plan to get it running tomorrow morning to archives my first attempts. I figure it might be just as much fun watching me fail at PvP while I figure it out, as it will be to see me melt faces. :)

The only problem I'm running into, is that I now play on a 24" screen, so at 1920x1200, that's alot of data to record. If I shrink down the screen, I'll have to redo all my layout mods. We'll see.


Manifesto said...

There's an option in fraps to record at half your current resolution, so 960x600 is still decent enough quality to see what's going on.
I play at 1680x1050, if I pop it to half (840x524) I can still read text.
It also uses almost one quarter the hdd space.
(Boy am I annoyed that my HDD ran out with Archi on 10%, when I have plenty of Hi Res videos of me dancing naked in Shat)