Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Playing in Un'Goro

After strolling through The Sunken Temple, I decided I would boost my boys a bit with quests. Being early in my 50s, I couldn't help but think of Un'Goro Crater. I always loved that place. If not for the closely cramped quests, then for the beautiful scenery.

I avoided "collect crap" quests, but found a pile of "go kill a pile of these" quests. Those go incredibly fast when you multibox. They all went fine, and the xp was piling up at a decent rate.

The ToW effect was evident again when I chose to do one of the "collect crap" quests, and ran into the Stegosaurus looking Diemetradons, who were surrounded by a giant Elite version called, the Plated Stegodon. I the past, you just avoided these guys, but with the ToW, they took just about the same damage as their non-elite brothers. The difference is, they have a bit more health, but they give nearly double the xp!

One of my fondest memories of Un'Goro has to be the sudden screams of "HOLY CRAP A GIANT T-REX IS KILLING US!". The Crater is patrolled by Tyrant Devilsaurs, which do look like giant T-Rexes. And they love to bite off the heads of players when they're not looking. They're 54-55 Elite mobs, so for most players in there, they mean instant death. In the past, my experience was no different.

But today was different. I was there with the Twenty Totems. Each time we got jumped, we easily dispatched the giant dino with a few volleys of lightning. It was quite satisfying to see them drop after killing me so often in the past.

Before I knew it, I was 54, and felt the itch to try out something more challenging. That's when I remembered Blackrock Depths. The problem is, 54 is a good level to go in there, with a tank and healer... I had neither. But of course, I had a pile of DPS. But I'll tell you about that tomorrow.

Side note: I want to apologize for promising a "Formations" entry, but two things happend. First, the ToW came up, and re-energized my efforts to grow, and I forgot about formations. Once I remembered, I decided it would make a much better video than a write-up. So I'm working on the video now. I'll be sure to post it here first when it's done.

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