Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Into Uldaman

I got a bit tired of SM... go figure. And now that the boys are getting closer together in level (4x39 and one 46) I decided I wanted to take all 5 into an instance and try to CC mobs. So what better place, then Uldaman.

The great Dwarven city of the Titans, where the very origins of the Dwarves is kept secretly away, under the guard of the mighty Archaedas. This should be fun.

Mind you, with the new patch, the last boss tops out at level 40. So with a level 46 Enhancement Shaman leading 4 39 Elemental Shamans, I was hardly in over my head. (or heads) :)

But the experience was worth the effort. I had a great time!

My first challence was taking down Ironaya, the giant guardian of Uldaman, who's widely known as the "Indiana Jones Boss" due to the clever way you summon her. (no spoilers here! Get in there yourself and see!)

I got my boys setup, and planned to use my 46 as a tank, which worked perfectly. She went down without a problem, and I paused for my first group "kill shot"... but the guys were a bit excited with their first kill, and couldn't stop dancing, and the only shot I got off had Thunduh (their fearless leader) in a less-than-flattering position. >.<

Once we tackled her, I figured the rest of the instance would be cake, and it was... right up until Archaedas himself. Arch (we're on a nickname basis) is a giant stone guardian (like half the other bosses in this instance) who likes to talk alot of talk... but as soon as you start kicking his butt, he chickens out and starts summoning friends... LOTS of them.

My goal was to hammer him as hard as I could, and try to beat out his adds. I setup a separate button just to summon more Stoneclaw Totems, so as the adds came, I could hopefully keep them busy with Totems instead of beating on my casters. As it turned out, this worked great! By the time we dropped him, there were a PILE of mobs on the screen, and no one from my group was in danger of death.

After a more civilized kill shot, I decided to take inventory of the experience. Great fun. Great loot. Great Experience... wait. Never mind. My guys only averaged 6k xp per hour. (yikes) I'm sure I could boost that now that I know what I'm doing. But not by much. At that rate, I'll need 10-12 hours to get another level! Screw that.

So what do I do now? Take Boom with them to Uldaman and speed things up? Is that the right instance... wait a tick. What about Zul'Farrak? Dare I enter the great city of the Sandfury Trolls? At this level? /evilgrin

Stay tuned.


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