Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Stackable Totems (A Guide)

Multiboxing with all Shammies is fun. Period. Why? Because Shammies get so many cool tools and toys, meant to buff a group of other classes. So when you stack those buffs with muiltiple Shaman, it gets really fun. (not to mention cool to see!)

I've been digging for a while to figure out exactly what totems stack, and which don't. I finally found the info I was looking for, where else, but at Dual-Boxing.com.

My favorite Shammieboxer™, (that's right, I coined a phrase!) Ellay, who runs Dual-Boxing.com, clarified most of the Totem details in a post. Here's a visually pleasing summary. (as I know you kids love to be pleased visually.)

Earth Totems
Earthbind Totem
Slows enemies
Does Not Stack
Stoneskin Totem
Reduce melee damage taken
Does Not Stack
Stoneclaw Totem
Taunts mobs
Dropping multiples does wonders for CC. After one dies, the next will grab the mob.
Strength of Earth Totem
Increase Strength
Does Not Stack

Tremor Totem
Remove Fear, Charm and Sleep effects

Each totem "pings" at a given rate, so when you stagger your drops, you end up with more coverage.
Earth Elemental Totem
Summon Tank-like Earth Elemental
Not really a "stack", but 5 x Tanking Elemental = AwesomeSauce™
Fire Totems
Searing Totem
Shoots fireballs at enemies
They each do their own damage, so they stack just fine!
Fire Nova Totem
Single AoE explosion after a few seconds
Same as Searing above
Magma Totem
AoE / DoT
Same as Searing and Nova. Dropped close together, and you have some very decent AoE!
Frost Resistance Totem
+ Frost Resist
Does Not Stack
Flametongue Totem
Enchant weapons with +melee (fire) damage
Does Not Stack
Totem of Wrath
+3% to Spell Crit and Hit
5 totems = +15% crit AND +15% to hit. So just about no need to spend any item points on +spell hit gear.
Fire Elemental Totem
Summon DPS Elemental Pet
Not really a "Stack", but 5 x DPS Elemental pets. WOOT!
Water Totems
Healing Stream Totem
HoT to party
Drop 5 of these and you just about don't need to heal your group.
Mana Spring Totem
MoT to party
Does Not Stack
Poison Cleansing Totem
Remove 1 poison every 5 seconds
Can "stack" if you stagger your drops.
Disease Cleansing Totem
Remove 1 disease every 5 seconds
Same as Poison
Mana Tide Totem
+ 6% of total mana every 4 seconds for 12 seconds
Fire Resistance Totem
+Fire Resist
Does Not Stack
Air Totems
Grace of Air Totem
+Agility to party
Does Not Stack
Windfury Totem
Enchant Weapon to recieve chance of extra hits
Does Not Stack
Grounding Totem
Immune to next spell cast on player
This is incredibly powerful vs. caster opponents
Windwall Totem
Reduce Ranged Damage taken
Does Not Stack
Sentry Totem
Security camera you can place anywhere and view through
Utility totem. You can place them at different positions to watch over a flag in pvp.
Nature Resistance Totem
+Nature Resist
Does Not Stack
Tranquil Air Totem
Reduce threat by 20%
Does Not Stack
Wrath of Air Totem
+101 to Healing and Spell Damage
Does Not Stack


Jon said...

Got pictures and everything. What a post. No to test the last two totems...

Jennifer said...

Windfury does in fact "stack" due to its pulse system mechanic. The more Windfury totems up, the more often the buff will be "refreshed". However, since you're only allowed one weapon buff at a time (sharpening stone, windfury, poisons, mana oils) it effectively does nothing other then refresh the windfury buff timer.

Boom said...

Hey Jennifer,

Thanks for the note! Can you help me find info to back up your comment?

There's an internal cooldown on Windfury of 3 seconds. Are you suggesting that staggered windfury totems could essentially reduce this by refreshing the buff during that 3 seconds?

Does the WF totem pulse it's buff? If so, at what interval? I'll try to research this myself as well.

Thanks for the tip!


pudds said...

The windfury totem has no 3 second cooldown, just the shaman's weapon imbue.

And no, that doesn't mean you should use the totem instead of the imbue :)

Jennifer said...

Oh Dear,

Sorry Boom -- didn't realize you had responded to my comment until now... Several months later.

Anyway, the windfury stack does not reset the cooldown timer, but if you lay a windfury totem and watch your buffs, you'll notice that the windfury buff applies itself and then the buff timer ticks down until it is removed.

This is how enh shammies "totem twist" by rotating windfury and agility. They lay windfury, and immediately after lay Grace of Air. Right before the windfury ends its duration, they lay windfury again and reapply agility.

So, if you get a bunch of windfury totems down at once, the buff will constantly "reapply", resetting the buff timer to max. However, it EFFECTIVELY does nothing since it neither removes the 3 second windfury cooldown or adds anything that a single windfury totem wouldn't, since weapon buffs cannot be purged.