Saturday, June 7, 2008

Boom is dead: "The Warrior Who Tanked a Server"

There are two different groups of folks who visit this blog. Those who only know me as "Boom, who plays Twenty Totems" and the rest who know me as "Boom".

While this is really a Goodbye post for everyone, it will be directed mostly towards those who knew me as "Boom". Those are my friends.

I have left WoW. The short version is why, is this: My life has been full of wonderful change recently, and now it needs my attention. WoW has been a wonderful part of my life for four years, but it's time to move on.

This means saying goodbye to my guild, my friends, and my server... Argent Dawn. I love this server. The community is fantastic, and as I'm mentioned before, they have been nothing but supportive of even Multiboxing on both sides of the fence.

My main toon, Boom, is the guild leader of For Horde. Boom is fairly well known on AD for the RP events, and PvP I've been a part of. I have a long list of wonderful friends, and knew I couldn't just log out. So I decided to stage Boom's death.

That's easy enough. Have someone march me into Stormwind, and have at it. But that's no fun... how about the last person to land damage on Boom gets 5000 Gold?

Now you're talking.

It began as I logged onto Boom at 11:15pm last night. I was already held "captive" in a stable, just SW of Goldshire. A few Alliance found me pretty early, and they seemed to know what was happening. I got the first of many /hugs, /salutes and /loves I'd get that night.

Eventually my executioner arrived with his team. Center of Renamed. I /bow'd then /surrendered to him. They were all such great sports about this. I was so excited to see how this would go. Center dismounted, along with his crew, and we all /walked towards Stormwind. I had hoped there would be alot of people when I got inside, but I was in for a shock as I approached the gates...

They were everywhere. An enormous group of flagged Alliance, all waiting for us to arrive. They quickly gathered around and started walking with us. Unfortunately, as the guards started to beat me up, I autoflagged, and I was quickly wiped out by the crowd.

The plan was to have a group of Priests Mind Control me into the square out in front of the AH, but with all the people around, the Priests just couldn't MC me fast enough. We knew this might be a problem, so I simply ran back to my corpse.

When I arrived, there were even more folks standing around. One player took a census of Stormwind during the event, and found 1000-1100 players (Alliance side only) at any given time!

I knew it would be unlikely that the priests would MC me before I died again, so I instead found a quiet corner, rezed, popped a health pot, and mounted. Then I rode into Stormwind, and got to the Tree in the square, where an even larger crowd was waiting. I'd guess I lasted 2 seconds, but that's being optimistic. :)

The image above is one of my favorites... yes... that's a Frog on the back of a Spectral Tiger Mount, leaping over the mess. (close up here)

As I ran back to my corpse a second time, I got a whisper from the last person to land damage on me in the square... Molimo of Black Phoenix, and of M L H... one of AD's greatest Arena teams. (recently featured on

Molimo was very nice, and said "Hey, I don't know how this works, but I think I just killed you, and everyone is telling me to contact you."

I explained that the plan was to wait until Center calls for the execution, and that he'd have to get back to his toon and wait. He could of complained, but instead was very understanding, thanked me for running the event, and went back to wait with everyone else.

Just before I got to my corpse, something epic happened. No... Legendary. I found out there were two full 40man Horde raids (plus some stragglers) waiting outside Stormwind, preparing to rush in and rescue Boom. (If you're into RP, don't miss the thread about this event on the AD forums.)

Before I could rez, they stormed the city, and ran head long into the giant mob of Alliance. It was the most amazing thing I've ever seen in game.

Just as I thought it couldn't get any better, a third group showed up. But they were coming from the TRAM! This was unreal to see.

*Thanks to Icharus for the image

The fight was absolutely insane. While everyone was dying, I arranged to meet Center and his team of priests in a small tavern where I could rez in safety... but when I got there, no one else was there. I whispered to our mutual contact, and asked where they were. Turns out we simply couldn't see each other. That's when I noticed I couldn't rez.

I ran back out into the battle (as a ghost) and noticed everyone had stopped moving. They were all animating... some running in place, others casting etc. But they were all stuck in one place. The chat channels exploded with "WE DID IT! WE BEAT STORMWIND! BOOM IS SAVED!

Then the server died..... I'll say it again...


I knew then my plan was flawed, and there was no reasonable way for me to get into town, and wait for Center to start the event. There were just too many people. But I wasn't about to let 5k rot on my account, so I decided to give it to Molimo. He didn't play by my rules, but he wasn't malicious about it either. I gave it to him because he did hit me last, and was nice about it when I told him he had to do it again.

There of course was some griping on our forums by a few kids, but it didn't bother me. As I told them...

This was for fun folks. The Gold wasn't the point. It was PvP... it was RP... it was WOW. If you spend the whole time whispering others about gold, who got it, who deserved it, or whatever, you were asleep for the party. The rest of us were having a GRAND OLD TIME! ^.^ (you can read my whole response here)

A while after the server came back up, I quietly jumped on Boom one last time, told my friends goodbye, then rezed in Stormwind. This time I ran to the tree I was supposed to be at, and stood there until I was dropped by the crowd that remained.

A small group of Alliance surrounded my corpse, and all knelt together. I was so touched. Not just by that small group, but by the response from this server... MY server. So many wonderful players, all in one place. If you're ever looking for a home for a new toon, you simply can't go wrong with Argent Dawn.

Then I logged off.

I've canceled all five accounts, and I'm moving on with my life. I want to thank my friends for being exactly that.. friends. Especially when I needed them most. Thanks for the fun and the laughter. Thanks for the hard work, and the effort you put into building the greatest guild I've ever been in.

Safe travels.

For Fun... For Friends... FOR HORDE!



Fizzlebye said...

Easily the most legendary event I've been a part of in all my mmo gaming. I can't even begin to do the event justice with words.

A good 100-150 Horde, on two battle fronts, and a good couple hundred of flagged Alliance on guard "in case the Horde tried to disrupt the execution."

Thanks for the fun, Boom. I hope that 25 June is hence forth remembered as "Boom Day" on Argent Dawn.

Best of Luck to you.

-Fizzlebye of Burnt out Raiders

Todd said...

I'm seriously holding back tears. I'm sorry I couldn't be there, dude... being a rockstar means I have some responsibilities. But I just can't believe you're not coming back.... it sucks. You're like my big brother. I'm going to miss you. Keep in touch. Text. Call. PM. Email. Something.... so I can continue to know you're doing alright.


Lindz said...

ThaT was the most fun I had in a while..I didnt PvP or even try to kill you..I was just there to see how it would go down..It was awsome!!..

I was one of the few that walked with you to SW..I wasnt part of centers team of priests, but wanted to make sure I could be there to see you and honor you as you made your way to SW..I lost you in the mess of ppl after they killed you the first time, but made my way to the monster crowd that was waiting and than the server went down..I had never seen sooo many ppl..I took a ton of screen shots to show ppl that couldnt make it.

Thanks again for an awesome night, you will be missed..good luck to you in the real world.

Lindseysig of Valere

Cilvaringz said...

Trully amazing and epic! I will never forget this day, Boom. Thank you for setting this up as I enjoyed reading all about it.

We killed the server....

nuff said.

Kaledyn of Not So Social

Phaelia said...

This post makes me wish I'd known about you before today. What a wonderful way to "go out."

Best of luck to you!

Pike said...

That is absolutely 100% fantastic.

I wish I'd known about your blog before you had this awesome outro. XD

Typhoonandrew said...

Well done for an exit that puts most in-game stuff folks do to shame. Most excellent.

Steve Hall said...

Thanks to Razorbax for tipping me (and, I'm sure, my fellow bloggers) off to this fantastic event. As Phae said, I wish I'd known about you before today.

Godspeed, Boom!

LarĂ­sa said...

I'm no rp, no pvper and definitly not horde... but this awesome beautiful stunning post makes me start to reconsider... Truly epic!


Nickel said...

As I posted in wowinsider. You have captured several people's attention and honored WoW in such a way that makes those of us proud. I was always told to join this type of servers and now I feel I will knowing what is in store. Thanks for making us a part of your ending 'Boom' eventhough those us couldn't see it with our own eyes. Truely a site to see and like those who posted above me...epic.

Apollymi - Greymane

Shalanthra said...

I stumbled across your leaving WoW Boom, but past that I think that your way of leaving was def. awsomesauce. I have played games such as WoW and EQ for many years now and there does come a point when you have to say enough is enough. Props for not only DC'ing an entire server but to being able to over come RL with the help of many, many great friends.

Here is something for thought and possibly to remember your friends by, though it is not much and I do not know any of you, I think that it is truely wounderful that all those people could come together for one last epic time to remeber suchs a great person.


~Friends...such a simple word that rolls off the tongue with little effort...
Ahhh but true friends now that is something different altogether.
For years we fought with each other and against many "demons" within ourselves, real life and ingame.
When my time of need came you all were there for me, worried and caring.
Helping me to pull through when hell seemed to be my life and nothing more.
Some of you passed your sun to me to allow for a brighter day and for that I am thankful.
My time has come to an end here in our land of make believe but do not faulter for I will still be there when you need a true friend.
I will pass my sun to you when you are in time of need.
Just remember that day and never forget that I am him and he is me and we are here with a better world surrounding us because of those true friends who stood beside and gave us the faith and hope that was needed.
There are not enough words to say Thank You and that I will dearly apperciate all that you have done for me.
I bow to you and know that if ever a time comes that all seems lost allow me that chance to return such a favor.~

Jenny said...

I hadn't even heard of this event until yesterday. Wish I could have been there... even if the server did crash. :)

You mentioned xbox live on Wowinsider, I think it was. Well, if you play Guitar Hero, or Rockband... look me up, I'll be on occasionally.

Gamertag is: Lilyfox

Good luck with the family plans. It was nice playing with you, Boom.

(Aka Zaedra)

Ayeba said...

Too bad you're gone... Here's to hoping you can stay around casually. But of course, RL has priority.

Blootur said...

Damn... only just finding this site now. Wished I'd been there as will those who follow me. Has to be thee best WoW experience I've ever read about. The best of luck to you in your personal life, I hope you can make it back for some casual play - maybe different server/toons? Boom Day is now on my calendar :-)