Sunday, April 27, 2008

This is What Multiboxing Looks Like

You know... I've never been quiet about the fun involved in showing off 5 Shaman at once, or 20 Totems for that matter. Or 5 dancing puppies, or 5 chain heals or whatever. It's cool looking. It's hilarious. It's fun. There's just something ridiculous about that many totems on the screen at one time.

Now I've seen my twenty totems on screen about 4 billion times at this point. But I simply wasn't prepared for our new "Family Photo" we took on Saturday.

Twenty Totems is proud to announce the names of our final two members. Torstien and Belec.

As you can see from our Armory listing, we are now 20 Shaman strong. Don't strain yourself, I'll do the math for you... that's 80 totems. BLAM!

Oh, and this is 20 Puppies. Who doesn't love 20 Puppies! We totally need to change our guild name to that.

We gathered for the first time outside of Orgrimmar. Turns out there are other people who use the front of Org (go figure) and at least one of them is a 12 year old guild leader, who thinks its funny to run his mount through our group for about 20mins until his rather mature guild member (a nice rogue I can't remember his name) convinced him to simply let us take our screenshots. Thanks rogue! If you want to be in a guild with decent people, you're welcome to come join For Horde.

After we got our front door shots, we decided to have a dance party. But come on! You can't have any decent kind of party outdoors in that weather! So we looked for a good place to "Drop Totem" and party down... So we lit up the AH. :) It was fun for us, and a good way to punish the heretics who insist on playing WoW with crappy video cards.

I know leveling 5 Shaman to 70 blows sauce. (moldy sauce at that) So I was really encouraged to see all 3 new members burn their groups up to 24+ in the first couple days. And while they admit it's not that fun, we all agreed that after getting together, we can't wait to do it at 70.

There are so many thing we want to try. MC, ZG, Kara, PvP both BG and World. There are just so many fun things ahead of us, and I truly believe I found the perfect 3 people to join me. Thanks again guys.


PS. I want to apologize to the poor shaman who kept following us around, and struggled to get /cast multishaman to work after I insisted that's how we did it. >.< /evilgrin


Jenny said...

Lmao, Boom. I had no idea you told him that! I was wondering what the heck that "/cast multishaman isn't working!" was about. Horrible!

Torstien said...

Having a lot of fun, Boom. Can't wait to hit some higher level targets together!

Nice job on the screenshots, and good work handling the guy who kept interfering with them.

João Merujo said...

u guys rock!

im a huge admirer of ur work, started with Boom, and now u 3 :D

keep it comming :)

regards from Portugal

Enlightenmnt said...

When all of you are 70 and do things like MC, ZG, ect I really hope someone can record it and post video. Watching 5 shaman multi-boxing is probably my favorite WoW related thing to watch. 20 would just be insane.

Jenny said...

I hope you two had a wonderful day, Boom! Enjoy the Honeymoon! We're expecting pictures!