Thursday, March 6, 2008

Multiboxing The Ring of Blood

Anyone who has a 70, knows what the Ring of Blood is. But for those of you in the cheap seats, it's an arena found in Nagrand, that's watched over by a little goblin named Gurgthock, and his prized warrior, Mogor the Ogre.

You see, Gurgthock, being the enterprising goblin he is, has decided to use the abandoned arena to hold some gladiator style grudge matches, and you're his latest challenger.

After talking to the goblin and accepting his first challenge, you're warned to get your butt into the ring asap. After a few moments, the first boss appears. You fight, you win, you talk to the goblin, he gives you gold and lewts. Then you head back into the ring for another fight. This goes on for a total of 6 fights, including a final showdown with Mogor the Ogre.

Everyone loves this quest series because of the payout. In 6 quick battles, you end up netting 60, 66, 10x [Super Healing Potion] and 10x [Super Mana Potion], and your choice of 6 pimptacular weapons. The weapon of choice for Elemental Shaman is the Battle Mages Baton.

There's a healing mace (Mogor's Anointing Club) but by that time I already had a damage mace with more +spell on it, and the staff works great for questing, where you rarely risk physical damage, requiring a shield.

The Ring of Blood quest series isn't available until you hit level 65, so as soon as I did, that's exactly where I went. Now as a 70 Warrior, I get tapped by my guild mates to tank the Ring of Blood on a regular basis. The fights are tough enough to justify a good tank, and a dedicated healer... I had neither this time. I wasn't sure exactly how I was going to do it, but for that staff, I was willing to give it a try.

It's a regular event to find another group already doing the Ring of Blood, and this visit was no different. When I arrived, a group of Alliance were fighting the last boss. Following my own advice, I immediatly spanned out the boys, dropped totems and let loose the wrath of nature. It was fun. The boss suddenly took a huge hit, and after a couple lighting bolts the boss fell.

I was suddenly surrounded by a group of cheering Alliance from the guild, SI Kaldorei. I cheered them back then took a risk with a /wait emote. I ran to the quest giver and started my first fight. Sure enough, their tiny gnome warrior named Longstreet went rushing in to tank for me. He was supported by his healing and dps support, Alardoren, Corrann and Leonidise.

They were gracious enough to stay around and help me finished all 6 fights. THANKS SI KALDOREI! :)

So with my Battle Mage's Batons in hand... I headed back to the instance grind. It was time to hit up Mana Tombs.



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