Monday, February 25, 2008

Multiboxing Basics: Accept Macro

When you're trying to manage two or more toons in World of Warcraft, it's the little things that make you want to kick puppies. Like quest givers. Moving your mouse to 5 different screens to click on an NPC (assuming the camera stopped in place that allows you to see the NPC) then choosing the next quest, and accepting it can be very tedious. (what difficult lives we live. /sigh )

Anyways, a macro I've grown to love is the Accept Macro, found at

/script AcceptGroup();
/script AcceptQuest();
/script AcceptTrade();
/script RetrieveCorpse();
/script RepopMe();

Now, whenever my main gets a new quest, I simply "share" it with the group, then hit this macro. Boom! All 4 other Shaman instantly accept the quest. You'll be shocked by how good this makes you feel. It really shouldn't. Helping an orphan reach the cookie jar doesn't feel this good. It's amazing.

This really shines when you come to a new quest hub and pick up 5 quests at a time.

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David said...

Look up "twobox toolkit" on I believe, the addon does a lot of great things for multiboxers like auto accept quests, forward tells to a private channel, auto accept rez, warn when they're not following. definitely a great addon.