Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Multiboxing Zul'Farrak, full of useful win.

As I explained before, Uldaman was great fun, but way too low on the XP meter. So I called Boom back in, and he took the boys to the great city of the Sand Trolls. Win was all over the place.

Boom is still entirely overpowered in there, and didn't even require healing from the Shaman. So I just had them stay back, and drop 4 simultaneous CLs whenever it seemed cool. (this was rather often as it turns out) The totems didn't hurt either. :)

The XP was fantastic, and remains so at level 42. The best burst comes from the infamous Divino-matic Rod event.

For those not familiar with the nightmare that is the Divino-matic Rod, it's a quest/event that places your party at the top of a pyramid, where you free a band of NPCs from their cages, only to turn around and find a small army of trolls at the bottom of the pyramid. Over time, they all end up rushing up the stairs in your direction.

While this sucks huge in a low level pickup group, a level 70 tank and 4 highly focused Shaman just end up having fun. The XP flows, the Trolls die, fun is had by all.

The rest of the bosses are quite trivial. I have to admit, more than once I made the same mistake here that I originally did in SM, I pulled too many mobs. Once I worked that out, I didn't need to heal, and I kept a good pace.

I figure I'll end up here until the boys hit 46, where they'll finally match the level of my fifth Shaman, Thunduh. Who know what I'll be doing then... maybe quests... >.<

Thrall help me.

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D said...

haha!! I remember you. I did an AV premade with you on Argent Dawn. Sweet.

I just got into this myself and just rolled 5 new accounts on a different server. 1 pally and 4 mages. Only level 7 now but look forward to the trip to 70.